The first C2C mobile marketplace and the number one shopping application in Singapore is now officially landed in Indonesia. Known as Carousell, it is a free iPhone and Android app that lets you buy and sell stuff straight from your mobile phone. The startup company aims to make online buying and selling activity becomes more simple and accessible for the generation of smartphones worldwide. With smartphone penetration will reach 53% by 2017, Indonesia is an important market for the Singapore based company and this expansion is the main priority. Not only digitally savvy, Indonesian people are now switching to mobile phones to buy and sell online. In November 2014, the tech-label announced that, to date, they have received more than $ 6.8 million investment from world-class investors, such as Rakutan Ventures and Sequoia Capital who have been supporting companies like Google, Apple, and WhatsApp.

Carousell was started to solve the problem of having too much uncleared clutter around us. They wanted to create a simple, intuitive, and fuss-free way to declutter homes and lives and, in the process, make buying and selling from a mobile phone an irreplaceable part of everyday life. Snap, list, sell. 30 seconds is all it takes to get started with your new favorite app. The app is designed for anyone and everyone to buy and sell effortlessly from your mobile phone. You can shop fabulous lifestyle, design, vintage, fashion and more from wherever you are in the world. They will let you browse only the items that you want to see by following friends and your favorite users. Aside from that, they provide several categories from men’s fashion, ladies’ fashion, design and art, vintage, photography, lifestyle gadgets, beauty products, home appliances, games and toys, sporting gear, music instruments, books, and more.

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