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We finally have our chance to start the new year with another #NEIGHBOURTALK editorial, this time with the Balinese urban concept store known as Jimmy Butcher. If you are regular on social media Instagram, chances are you will recognize this Denpasar Bali based store. Thanks to their impressive line up and familiar approach to the menswear and womenswear section. Needless to say, the store has a vibrant selection of local goods, ranging from hats, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, accessories, to footwear. The store is also a prime example of what independent group could do with their passion. They continues to make a big influence throughout the community by persuading them to evolve and grows into a bigger scale, hopefully global market. Without further ado, please read the full interview below.

First of all, why did you choose Jimmy Butcher? Are there any mascots?

Hi! I chose Jimmy Butcher as our name because I like to hear it. Initially I wanted to present this brand for gentleman, and I thought the name Jimmy would be quite a good name to represent a manly character. While the additional word butcher were actually part of my imagination as I think would be a really masculine job. That is why I chose this name as our brand name and made a mascot that I use up till the moment.

Do you think Bali is becoming more legitimate, from a fashion and design standpoint?

I think Bali is a place where many fashion culture are emerging at the moment. We can see how millions of people from around the world come to Bali for holiday, even stay and make a living in Bali which inevitably lot’s of international fashion influence present here. That is why I fell quite confident that Bali is getting more legitimate in sense of fashion and design.

From a fashion point of view and design standpoint, how important is Bali for you?

As I mentioned before, Bali is like a meeting point of global fashion influences and therefore so many global fashion trend influenced the local fashion itself. Once again, I am pretty confident Bali is one of the top contributor in local fashion industry nowadays.

Why invest in Denpasar Bali? (in compare to Seminyak, Kuta or Canggu).

Many consideration took me to chose Denpasar as the place to live up the store. I think Denpasar is a place where its people have a good buying decision as well as a growing fashion culture, just as how I am still learning my pace in fashion industry. And as for the choice of places in Seminyak, Kuta, in Canggu, I think the fund is the major issue as we need so much higher budget to be allocated for space if we are going to open store in either those location.

What do you think of the revived retail scene in Bali or especially in Denpasar?

The growth of fashion culture is really good here as we can see from 10 to 15 years ago when “distro” has started to coming out and how it maintain its existence up till this moment.

How did you decide on Denpasar in Central Bali?

I decided to takeover this place by considering the buying potential, the lease contract, fashion taste, and also how people here love their local products.

What about the brands? How do you select them?

I select the brands from my own interest to their unique concepts and their production quota. I appreciated brands with unique style and determination to evolve and growing together hopefully to global market.

According to your statement, could you share few local or foreign brand names that you would recommended to us (based on the popularity and your self interest)?

I have deep interest with many local brands, so many that it needs lots of pages to write it down (laugh). But from all of them we could mention some that we represent like THIS IS A LOVE SONG, Matoa Wooden Watch, VOYEJ, Elhaus, Versace, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Levis, Topman, and many more.

Do you find your Balinese customers different than your other customers in how they buy and engage with the brand?

Yes of course it is different! People from beyond Bali tend to choose smaller size products than Balinese does, because of our pattern here using an international one and also because of Balinese body sizes are tend to be bigger. Or maybe because we ate pork so much (laugh). As for buying potential they are just at the same level, the difference maybe if people beyond Bali come as tourists here then they tend to have higher buying potential because usually they do purchase the goods for gifts.

Do you find Jimmy Butcher compatible with the local culture or surf-aesthetic shop that runs in busy street of Bali?

I think it is pretty much not alike with surf concept store where Jimmy Butcher provides more like casual goods, ready to wear, and accessories, the more casual, simple, and neat ones. By the way, Bali based brands have put their influences in the revolution of surf brands as how we can see some of well known surf concept store here in Bali also sells many local brands, which I think this is quite an improvement for local brands business, after a long time being an underdog in our own place.

When you open shops in Bali, is the aesthetic consistent with the rest of your stores? (if you own any before this)

Well, I only have this one up till the moment. I think I will keep it this way for the near future as I need to be consistent with what I do and after that, let’s see how it goes. One think I know is fashion is anything but static, that is why I can not say anything exact because I know we need to keep going and follow the trend of course without losing our identity as Jimmy Butcher.

How do you see your store in the 2015? Would there be another store in other part of town? or would you create an in-house label?

Well in fact, we have produced our own line since the beginning of our store era. About our view towards the future of the concept store in 2015, we will of course make a big plan and commit to some innovations by do a re-branding, some humanitarian events like charity events which will happen in early 2015. This year will be the year of us wanting our customers to have this interest towards the reason of this question, “why we born?” and our contributions to them, not just about what we sell.

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