• Popular Magazine Indonesia

One of the most respectable magazine in Indonesia that captures the beauty of women in Indonesia, Popular Magazine recently released their latest issue, February 2015, with “Romantic Lingerie” as the main theme. This newly released magazine will be available in special format, 100 more uncensored pages that will discuss the romance in society. Because of the uniqueness of these topics, the publisher decided to bring in more than 100 pages of galleries with various pop models and sexiest lingerie team. In addition, the photos have also been captured by the nine local photographers who are great and could provide differentiation.

As for the sexiest lingerie team, Popular Magazine decided to add eight different models such as Marsya, Alisha, Egha, Echa, Shita, Anggi, Olla, and Flo. In addition to the beautiful models, there is also Marissa Jasmine on the cover of February 2015 issue. Moreover, the local magazine will also provide two additional sections, such as the Main Report and Hot Report. Through this article, you will be able to read news called “Sosialita Belia, Kisah Gila Kaum Borjuis Tanah Air” and “Sang Pembunuh Spa Ternama Ibu Kota”. For more information about Popular Magazine and their recent released, feel free to visit the links above.

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