Here comes another week and another video from their recent release of the “Game Changers Series” from our media friend and television network over at QUBtv. Just hours ago, the Jakarta based media group released another video, this time featuring a humble guy and co-founder of the most respected local independent label from city of Bandung known as Dendy Darman of UNKL347. Through this eleven minutes video, he will share his deep knowledge about the local industry and how new generation has develop his business.

You might have heard this information several hundred times, but we are gonna do it again. The label UNKL347 originally started in 1998 and still going strong after all these years. UNKL347 (previously known as 347 and EAT) is the one who started it all. From their humble beginning selling t-shirts, shorts, sandals and bag, the label now has grown in to a clothing empire and started to do projects in architecture and interior design.

A true pioneer, UNKL347 is the first brand that make local products cool. Not only influencing how youth dressed, they also part of the movement that innovating a new form of creativity and supporting the sub-culture evolution. The “Game Changers Series” is part of The Inventives whereas the Jakarta based group media interviewed several people who through their passion in fashion can infiltrate our sense of style, create their own market, and open the way to many others to follow their steps. Without any further information, please watch the full interview above.

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