• Galeri Nasional Indonesia Aku Diponegoro

Galeri Nasional Indonesia presents their latest exhibition “Aku Diponegoro” Sang Pangeran Dalam Ingatan Bangsa dari Raden Saleh Hingga Kini, revisits the extraordinary story of Diponegoro (1785 – 1855), as presented through the eyes of classical painters, contemporary artists as well as the general public. This exhibition is curated by Dr. Werner Kraus, Jim Supangkat, and Dr. Peter Carey, and it will builds a link between past and present.

The highlight of the exhibition is the newly restored “the Capture of Dipongeoro” (1857) by Raden Saleh. This famous painting is complemented with other relevant works by Indonesian artists such as Soedjono Abdullah, Harijadi Sumodidjojo, Basuki Abdullah, Sudjojono, as well as the works of contemporary Indonesian artists such as Srihadi Soedarsono, Heri Dono, Nasirun, and Entang Wiharso.

An additional room will be arranged for exhibiting the original “holy war” white tabard or jubah of Diponegoro and other personal artefacts such as his “tombak pusaka”. This exhibition hope to encourage a deeper understanding of cultural and commemorative memory, and to inspire a discussion about the nature of art in post-modern Indonesia. Galeri Nasional Indonesia is happy to welcome you all and hopefully will visit this extraordinary exhibition and experience the story of Diponegoro from many different angles. “Aku Diponegoro” Sang Pangeran Dalam Ingatan Bangsa dari Raden Saleh Hingga Kini will runs from February 6th to March 8th and is open to the public and free of charge. For more information, please visit akudiponegoro.com.

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