One of the earliest film production house in Indonesia, Rexinema Productions and talented singer Sheryl Sheinafia decided to work together for an upcoming feature film called “Cai Lan Gong”. According to them, it is a prequel movie from the blockbuster hit “Jelangkung” which will tells a story of Chinese myth in Indonesia. People believe that a basket of vegetables that are inherited from ancestors could beautify or event enrich its next owners. What’s cool about this film is that it will be shot entirely on Galaxy Note 4 smartphones. The movie team used an original 3D printed Beastgrip rigs combined with some really cool gear to produce the entire movie. You could visit the official social media of Beastgrip to see more photos of the production plus Note 4 phones mounted with custom made vibrating DOF adapters, cinema lenses, stabilizers systems, sliders, and etc. The film “Cai Lan Gong” will be using Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia as the language. For more story about this project, feel free to visit Rexinema Productions official site here.

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