Along with the increasing popularity of Electronic dance music genre on various events of rave music festival in Indonesia, local musicians Winky Wiryawan has recently released music video from his latest album called “Love Comes Around”. His version of EDM genre song is part of his latest album titled “Playlist” and also a result of a collaboration with a newcomer and pop musician named Maruli Tampubolon, son of former lawyer Juan Felix Tampubolon. As for the music video, this video was taken during his session in the nation’s biggest electronic dance music festival, Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014, at the Life In Colour Stage (where partygoers will be sprayed by non-toxic and easy-to-remove paint throughout the show while dancing to live sets). Together with Winky Wiryawan and Maruli Tampubolon are freestyle dancers from Cyber Japan and the visitors from across the world.

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