An Indonesia based online media company and also the head company of, MBDC Media recently presented their new venture into their YouTube channel called “Cinta itu Bisnis”. This online digital tv program offers a variety of stories about love that is packed with professional or business marketing techniques. There will be various interesting things that they would like to solve, ranging from how to cultivate feelings to someone you love, how to score a date, how to raise your capital, and many more. Along with those several questions, you can also watch the first episode of “Cinta situ Bisnis” now through the video above. It features co-host Haya Serena Tobing with her partner Della Doank, along with the man who seeks for love Timotius “Timo” Prassanto. For those of you who are willing to see more about the series, feel free to follow their official Instagram and Twitter account here. or MBDC is probably the first original humor website in Indonesia. It started in 2003 and focuses on funny pictures, online videos, and web series. The site returned in 2011 and spread about everyday things in an entirely different point of view. The site is now occupied by three co-founders plus an entire professional team with great people in the field of creative, video production, and internet. Their strength as media is creative content production and online publishing. You might have realized that one of their travel show “Jalan-Jalan Men” is one of their production that perfectly showcases unique places in Indonesia with a different and interesting way to tell the story. Along with those, they also work together with brands to hold online campaigns with various content, from online ad placements, viral advertorial videos, quizzes, games, and many more.

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