• Nike+ Running Expands Global
  • Nike+ Running Expands Global
  • Nike+ Running Expands Global

All runners want to get better. It is a universal desire that unites everyday runners and competitive athletes. Now more runners can measure their runs, get motivated and tap into the benefits of the Nike+ Running App whether they use a watch or phone, in the gym or out on the road. After months of collaboration, Nike will launch partnerships with industry-leading companies, such as Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness and Netpulse to allowing more runners to connect their favorite devices and fitness equipment and to enjoy all of the benefits of being a Nike+ community member.

Since its inception in 2006, Nike+ Running has helped millions of athletes track, measure, share, and compare their runs with a global community, encouraging them to run smarter and run more. The Nike+ Running App is a coach, running buddy, and cheering section all in one, delivering training programs, real-time audio feedback and tools to track and celebrate progress. With these new partnerships, runners around the world have even more ways to connect within the Nike+ Running community.

We are constantly looking to optimize every aspect of the Nike+ Running experience. By listening to the voice of the Nike+ Running community, our latest release features several enhancements designed to make running with Nike+ even better for our athletes.Michael Orenstein of Nike+ Running App Product Director

The updated Nike+ Running App makes pairing with the new partners easy. “Whether it is an athlete’s first or fastest run, Nike+ has been there to provide inspiration and information to motivate all runners. Together with best-in-class partners like Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness, and Netpulse, we can now deliver these experiences to even more runners, regardless of where they run or the device they prefer to run with,” says Adam Roth who is the VP of Nike Global Running Brand Marketing. He also mentioned that, “These partnerships are all about the runner and giving him or her even more ways to access the rewarding benefits of being a Nike+ Running member.”

This evolution offers Nike+ Running App users new and distinct ways to leverage GPS watches, heart rate monitors, and connected gym equipment to make every run count. The updated Nike+ Running App makes pairing with the new partners easy. Users will see a “Partners” screen when they update or download the app. The “Connect a Partner” button guides users to settings to manage preferences and establish the seamless connection between Nike+ and the partner apps and devices.

In addition to the rich partner expansion and integration, the new Nike+ Running release boasts several enhancements that improve the overall running experience for anyone from first-time runners to marathon veterans. For the iOS platform, new improvements include an optimized landscape or armband mode that makes it easier to control the in-run experience, easier in-run music controls, and improved access to route maps. While in the Android phones, the new Nike+ Running App update features updated shoe-tagging and a new auto-pause mode that automatically halts the session when the runner stops. The Nike+ Running App by Nike will available for download starting March 9th 2015.

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