Indonesian capital market which continues to contribute to the further growth of the domestic economy certainly become a hot issue nowadays. In order to support the growth and ideas around young Indonesian, PT Indosat and Bursa Efek Indonesia decided to introduce virtual competition known as “Indosat Stock Trading Contest” that will exists to support the Gerakan Nasional Cinta Pasar Modal or Genta. It is also the answer of the challenges by rapid growth in the Indonesian economy. ISTC is an embodiment of educational pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility program which is a virtual stock trading competition that will be held on April 8th to September 30th 2015.

Indosat Stock Trading Contest is a competition aimed as a medium of socialization and learning process in order to learn how to make right investment or stock transaction in virtual world. It also refers to the number of stock options traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as in “realtime”. In order to fulfill these goals, Indosat decided to make partnership with the Indonesia Stock Exchange and PT Winratama Perkasa as the provider of on-line trading of virtual services in Indonesia. Indosat itself is committed to improving the understanding to the general public, especially those young people who are willing to become the competent investors. Also to increase the number of investors in Indonesian capital market.

You could grab tens of millions rupiah every month, the latest super-cool gadgets, and the opportunity to meet analysts and experts in the Indonesian Capital Market that would provide you a myriad of knowledge about the stock market. Along with it, Indosat also would give you the opportunity to take the scholarships at Sekolah Pasar Modal and become a member of the learning program in making investment or stock transaction that will virtually hone your ability to be an investor. Indosat Stock Trading Contest is ready to fulfill your biggest dreams to become a young billionaire by giving you an equity of participation in the stock market and or to do an internship by working at PT Indosat Tbk. For further information about the Indosat Stock Trading Contest by Bursa Efek Indonesia and PT Indosat, feel free to visit the official site of this competition here.

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