Independent rock quartet from the city of Jakarta, Chewing Sparkle is about to join and enliven the Record Store Day Indonesia 2015 event on April 18th and 19th 2015. The band is scheduled to release their first single “Far East” in CD format with a limited amount of copies under private record label known as Gnikoj Records. The physical release of this single will only be sold on Record Store Day Indonesia 2015 as many as fifty pieces. This event itself will be held in Jakarta, to be exact at Bara Futsal Building in Melawai, South Jakarta. The band that includes Ryanda as vocalist and guitarist, Dheny as main guitarist, Nabyl as bassist and vocalist, and Hars as drummer has released their first single “Far East” in a digital format back in October 2014. Along with the release, they also presented the official video clip via their official YouTube account.

The song was written by their vocalist, Ryanda and he personally hand over the interpretation and the meaning of this song entirely to the audience. However, he implied that this song tells an imaginary country that he dreamed of. Their hit single “Far East” has brought the independent band Chewing Sparkle to become the Favorite New Comer in Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Awards 2014. A warm welcome from the music lovers in Indonesia has finally pushed them to prepare the physical release of the “Far East”. The physical release of this single is expected to be a bridge for Chewing Sparkle to get closer to its audience and upcoming fans. Limited physical release of the “Far East”can be obtained directly on Record Store Day Indonesia 2015 booth this weekend. For more information about the band and their upcoming project, feel free to visit their site here.

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