One of the brightest independent band with qualified talent, Lamebrain recently announced their debut mini album which is called “Overpower”. This album will be out on Saturday, April 18th 2015 via independent record label known as Dermaga Records. For those of you who are interested and willing to support them, the pre-order period for the album starts from March 30th 2015 with special price and also exclusive packaging offered. The front cover artwork titled “La Chirurgie Esthetique” was made by a Bandung-based artist Nabilla Sukma Wardhani while typography is made by La Tessa Dwadiandra and photo-works by Aldiansyah Waluyo. The official tracklist for “Overpower” is also out now with several songs, such as “Firebird”, “Mojo”, “Light”, “Yo Mama Fool”, and “Overpower”.

Dermaga Records is a music publishing company based in Bandung which also helps the recent album from Heast titled “The Wanderer”. The debut album from Bandung based musicians will contains six songs and to be released in CD format. To assist the process of marketing, they are willing to do a tour to several big cities in Indonesia. Lamebrain is a band from the city of Bandung which was formed in 2012 with the initial formation Alan Davison as vocalist and guitarist, Badri Poespoprayitno as bassist, and Pramaditya Azhar as drummer. Amid the process of making the album, Badri decided to resign and eventually replaced by Mufti Mujtahid as bassist. Watch the full teaser clip above directed by Jugglers and Assady of Komalima.

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