It has been 13 years already the name Homogenic or HMGNC present in the world of music through a unique journey. This certainly happens with a reason that they still exist and continue to survive. Every album, every step they take, is not merely based on a music but a desire to perform and to be the best. Having several changes on the band, the busyness of each personnel, more in-depth exploration of the music continuously forge and shape the character HMGNC until today. HMGNC remains HMGNC, which always brings electronic music. Non-organic beats, synth, instruments are combined in such a fun way. In the end, their rich musical performance summarized in a simple concept, which they refer to as electronic sci-pop.

Appreciation that was given to them is certainly remarkable. It also can be seen from the enthusiasm of the fans that never goes out. They always get an offer to perform at renowned music festivals and won an award for some real event in Asia. For example is when they received the Voice Independent Music Awards or VIMA which involved best musicians Asia back on 2013. At which time, the Bandung based HMGNC won three awards, namely Best Electronic Dance Song, Best Electro Dance Act, and Thank You for Existing Awards.

This time, HMGNC consist of Dina Dellyana who is in charge of synth and programming, Grahadea Kusuf also in charge of synth and programming, and vocal Amandia Syachridar. Early this month, they are back and decided to continue with their musical journey with a new single entitled, “Today and Forever”, which will be released exclusively with limited free system download on April 1th 2015 at the following link. The single is also part of their collaboration with Papermoon Records. This is their first work of intensive creative process in order to be the best in their genre. With a more mature concept, along with the perceived of emotional excavation, the single is about the concept of loving someone, that knows no boundaries.

Besides being a first step, this new single from HMGNC “Today and Forever” is also the starting point of many surprise they would like to present in the coming months. Their long existence certainly could describe their ambitions in music. And after more than ten years of work, HMGNC have not show any signs of stopping. For more information about Homogenic or HMGNC, feel free to visit their official site here at or you can simply listen to their songs via SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or ReverbNation.

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