• ā€œParadise

Do you know or even know how often are we related with art? Whether we realize it or not, probably most of our lives is actually in contact with the art in various manifestations. Perhaps a simple case about things could be pointed as fine arts or not, is not important for most people. Especially for those who are not familiar with the world of galleries. Meanwhile another question arises, which seem mild but not easy to answer. What makes something worthy to be called art? In other words, the case on how we “sort out” something that is called art and something that is not. Then, how could we labelled something as an art? and who can embedded?

These questions were then stimulated the birth of Parahyangan Art, Design and Silver Screen Exhibition or “Paradise” 2015 as a “laboratory” for experimenting on discourse and these questions, test its feasibility, as it seeks to reflect the movement of art these days. Taking the theme under “Creative Rebellion”, the Paradise 2015 interpret events as a revolution, the destruction of barriers or boxes that exist in the art, not by creating a new box, but to go beyond it. Art should not be something that is overthink but it should be something special that contribute to humanize and updating humanity. For the implementation of Paradise 2015, the committee plans to spread it later on Friday, April 10th 2015. It will have several guest of Indonesian artists and filmmakers who will show their work to the public, from performance art to the open air cinema.

And also from the world of art, galleries, and from the street art community. All the works are from young artists to the international world known artist. What is more important in this event is about melting the boundaries between artists or filmmakers with audiences who will be present on Friday, through a variety of directions. In short, there will be Bottlesmoker, Wanggi Hoed, Body Movement Project 01, ORCYWORLD, RobotKaret, Studio 8, and Jalan Kecil. Plus eight local films with arthouse genre such as A Lady Caddy who Never Saw a Hole in One, Indie Bung!!, Lie =, Pray, Onomastika, Seserahan, The Anniversaries, Udhar, and Violence Against Fruit. To get the latest information from Parahyangan Art, Design and Silver Screen Exhibition or “Paradise” 2015, you can simply accessed their official site here. or simply follow their Instagram account here.

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