Trinity Optima Production is proud to present the latest official music soundtrack for “Filosofi Kopi” called “Dongeng Secangkir Kopi”. This song was created and sang by Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari with a light upbeat pop yet fresh lyrics that stimulate your mind to be an optimistic person. Although the song is not inserted in the film however Dee tried to build a common thread between the songs, movies and its novels by equating the theme “kopisentris”. This video clip was produced by the director of the film, Angga Dwimas Sasongko. The idea of ​​this song is fairly unique because it tells the story of a love that grows on a cup of coffee. Dewi Lestari imagine a love story between two people is colored by coffee. Coffee, being a favorite drink for them both, is inverted into a kind of witness to their love journey that begins as a couple and eventually being a lovely husband and wife that live happily ever after.

In the cultivation of its music, Dewi Lestari is assisted by Andreas Arianto who is a professional arranger. Andreas Arianto is a young music director whose works are widely known in the world of local Indonesian music scene. Musical instruments such as the guitar, violin, cello, mandolin, clarinet, to accordion were being used to make this song livelier and soothing to listen to. Plus there is a touch of coffee and cafe culture atmosphere in general inserted with sound effects such as coffee machine, cups, spoons, etc. The sound that will be familiar to your ears. By making songs or writing a novel, Dewi Lestari can express her thought, especially when those artworks become something that attachable or memorable to its listeners or readers. She explained more about this song, “I think this song is cute, bright, optimistic, and positive. I hope all those feelings can be transmitted to the listeners. Plus, coffee is a drink that is very popular and yet have a strong character. I love being able to write a song that has a coffee or its culture in it.”

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