As a form of support and contribution to music and creativity industry in Indonesia, Converse and its official partner in Indonesia recently presented the official music video for “Rayakan Pemenang” by MORFEM. The first single from rock alternative band is part of their collaboration work with independent record label Sinjitos Records and taken from their mini album called “SneakerFuzz”. While the theme of this song is taken from the story that was experienced by one their band members. It is about a friend who achieved something, more likely a regular person who has nothing but somehow end up become a hero. According to Jimi Multhazam who is the frontman and vocalist or MORFEM, “This song is created by Panda the day before he take off his drum. He initially were not confident about this song, but I have another view and belief for this. So even thought I was stuck to create the lyric for about a month, I still able to finish it.”

Furthermore Jimi explained that this song is also created by his drifting mind when he hang out with his friends. He remember few of his friends who often dream about becoming something or those who successfully achieve something their previously dream of. This mini album “SneakerFuzz” contain six songs and approximately were done by their record label Sinjitos Records for about one month. While the official music video for “Rayakan Pemenang” by MORFEM is directed by Surya Adi S along with cameramen Yusak Anugerah, Andrew Marcello, and Surya Adi S. Plus Wissanggeni Wicaksono as the official editor and Hernu Rasyid as their co-producer. For more information about MORFEM and their latest mini album, feel free to follow their social media account here.

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