The long wait is finally over. Stars and Rabbit, the independent pop duo from Yogyakarta and established since 2011, has official announced that they will presented the digital release of their debut album “Constellation” on May 15th 2015 via iTunes and other digital outlets. This digital release will be followed by a CD release on June 2015 nationally across Indonesia and in Philippines. This album will be accompanied by a major tour to several cities in Asia that will start on May 23rd 2015. When a recording becomes part of the life of the musician, is an absolute satisfaction when they release an album especially at the right moment and with a perfect preparation. Moreover, the album “Constellation” itself requires a long process of approximately four years, commencing from the first time they recorded the song “Like It Here” in 2011. Since then Stars and Rabbit has always actively working and never stop looking for other musicians to help them finish the process of their album.

Since the release of their mini live album in 2013 “Live at Deus”, Stars and Rabbit never lost the spirit to remain productive and always strive to produce their best work. “Constellation” is a proof and evidence from them as their ability to work and pursue their dream. In order to complete this album, it surely takes perseverance and relentless among exploration. The uniqueness of their character and development of their musicality are certainly reflected through this album. They sound more confident, collaborative, and emotional. Along with their debut album, Stars and Rabbit also announced that “The House” has been picked as the first single for this album. The song itself was created in middle of 2012, when Elda was having a difficult time in her life. The lyrics also tells about what she went through at that time. For more information about Stars and Rabbit, their debut album, and upcoming tour concert in Asia, feel free to visit their official page here.

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