The leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, DKSH Thailand and Levi’s® recently announced the launch of the campaign “The Live in Levi’s® Project” to show how three artists live in wearing Levi’s® jeans. The exclusive franchisee and distributor of Levi’s® in Thailand definitely showcased real-life moments from the perspective of passionate fans. For your information, Levi’s® has been watching how people around the world live in Levi’s® and found millions of individuals who are having fun wearing their Levi’s® products for more than 140 years after inventing the blue jeans. In 2015, the American company partnered with three diverse but equally inspired contemporary artists to hear about the unique ways they live in Levi’s®.

Musketeers, one of the most talented rock bands in Thailand, has been in the music industry for more than ten years with more than 50 million YouTube views. The members of the band are determined to write the next chapter of their story with their trusted Levi’s® 501CT’s heading towards the day they become legends. While the indie pop band Ten To Twelve defines Levi’s® as a symbol of youngsters, which reflects their motto of living life to the fullest. While the four members of the band live different lifestyles during the day, they share a common dream of succeeding in music. Last but not least is the beautiful singer and artist Pango that considers herself as a “happiness maker”. She believes happiness is everywhere and she loves to share her joy with fans through her music, art, and photographs. She chooses to use her pair of Levi’s® to portray her authenticity and how she achieves her own happiness every day.

Following the event, Levi’s® invited participants to share how they live in Levi’s® by capturing their moments and posting them on their Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #LiveInLevisTH. The 501 best shots will be displayed at a photo exhibition at the next “Live in Levi’s®” event. This campaign aims to capture the spirit of the iconic brand that has always been an embodiment of the events of its time. Be part of the Live in Levi’s® Project and share how you #LiveInLevisTH. For more information about Levi’s® and specificly their Thailand partner, feel free to visit their official Instagram account here, Facebook fan page, or their official site.

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