Beware of the pixelated sheen of motion images-videos by Satriya Gurnitha, a young man who founded Maika Collective Studio and Creme Musik, for behind that brilliant gleam hides a cutting edge. He perhaps share most of his time behind the computer, but surprisingly, he is very well known for his high-concept of digital imaging and motion graphic design. Mr. Gurnitha has always seen himself as a creator and independent person who likes to take care of everything within his own rule. Just a year ago, he took off from some local agency and focus on furious personal projects, which later translated into the creative collective studio named Maika Collective Studio. Through his glorious opportunity, he often travel to far-flung locations such as Singapore, Buenos Aires, Sofia in Bulgaria, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and etc. Learning his craft the analogue way, Mr. Gurnitha suggests that even now his mind is hard-wired to do everything according to his mood, despite receiving several suggestion from his workmate. Without further information, please read the entire article and interview featuring Satriya Gurnitha below.

So how is Jakarta? Any good things lately?
Jakarta is full of surprises bruh! Just got back from Bali bruh!

Business trip or pleasure?
Pleasure for sure.

Cool! But I am gonna ask you things that are more serious now. Can you tell me more about your background? How did you first get into motion graphic design?

Well basically I got my point of design when I was back in Bulgaria, back when I was in junior high school. I spent most of my time at the skate park for three years, and I used to skate a lot back than. The scenary was neat and the vibe too as well. My friends and I did our own video skate back then, we did our own photoshoot and listen to dope musics. And when I came back to Indonesia, I started to write as a graffiti artist and hooked up with a few friends at the high school! Shoutout to Greg (laugh). Months later, we accidentally teamed up as a crew.

After my high school years, my dad asked me to go to college. So I decided to go to Limkokwing University in Malaysia and pursued my dream as being a graphic designer. Just a year or two semester after being in college, I suddenly got bored with my own major. Luckily it did not last that long because I saw this some insane moving graphics made by my senior. It truly inspired me to create something similar to what he have done. So from that moment, I decided to change my major into creative multimedia. Since than I explored a lot of things and grew into one of my hobby.

What is about motion graphic design that inspires you?

Well most of it are music. I just can not see moving visual without sound.

What are your must-have tools, software and techniques, did you use for the motion graphic? How would you describe your style? What camera are you using at the moment?

Must have tools would be computer for sure. Personally, I like to combine several techniques, and I surely do used few softwares to finish a project. And the worst thing is I do not really have my own style (laugh). So I let my audience judge me for what kind of style I do have. For sure I do use camera and I am stuck here with my old Canon 7D.

What was it like to make the transition from personal projects and projection mapping, to the type of work, commercial or otherwise, that you do now? How did that role come about?

Good question (laugh). Well, I started to produce my own projects, related to motion graphics and whatnot since my college year. At the time I like to used my time to tried something new or simply asked few people around me if they would like have something related with my video skills for an absolutely zero price. I did this basically because I am aware of how thing should works, on how to give direction, how to manage my profile for future clients, and etc. Because personally, I am not into working under big company (laugh). I could do this by myself, therefore, I created this collective studio named Maika Collective Studio last year on November.

I started this collective studio because at that particular time I have been kicked from my previous workplace for the third time, by three years in a row. I realized that I could not work for someone and I absolutely needed my own space. This kind of transition is simply hard, and I could not passed this moment without the support from girlfriend nor my friends. So before anything bad happened to me, I eventually met up with Keenan (Pearce) of Euphoria Project and he offered me a job. Things just snowballing since then and he really helped me to increase my capability in motion graphics.

Did you enjoy working with your crew at Maika Collective Studio?

Very much sir! Nothing beats this! I love my team!

What has been the most nervous point since starting your own creative studio? First day or presenting work to big clients?

Well for me, it is everything because I started this by my own. I could not hired anyone back than and I had to do this by myself. Eventually, I did not feel the pressure when I present my work. The big pressure is more on how to get clients to trust me.

Were there any unique clients back then? Things that are ridiculous or left you a big impression, like I am the person that can do this kind of thing.

They are too many to mentioned, but I will share with you for this one. So back then, I got a job with this local chocolate brand, and they came and asked us to help them making this viral video or digital campaign for them as a promotion tool for streaming site like YouTube. As usual, I presented my ideas and they liked it a lot. We had our deal and I started to make this motion video for them until days later, they informed me and suddenly asked me to change the whole concept of the video. And here comes the lesson. They refused to pay me for the changes that I have done. It sucked but since then I understand that I needed to write an agreement before I do everything. I just had to be more careful with this kind of thing.

Could you tell me more about the concept behind the installation shown at the wedding party and its production? Or perhaps working with Matter Halo?

How the hell did you noticed abouy those projects? Well, every project is different for me. My team and I tried to engaged very close relationship with each of our client and that is one of many fun things about working under Maika. Everything single project is fun but I could say that the recent wedding ceremony that I was part of was great. It was because we never did a mapping scene for a wedding ceremony. So the challenge was on how to entertain the bride and the groom at that time. As for the Matter Halo, they did approached us. The project was fun, and we worked very closed with them, Ernanda Putra, and Frisson Entertainment. And for the very first time, we had the chance to expand our creativity. We created an led formed like an atmosphere! I was very honored that Maika was choosen to be part of them.

What other types of projects do you work on for Maika Collective Studio? What are you working on at the moment?

Basically Maika has the capabillity to do anykind of projects. Not only motion graphics but also any kind of videos and graphics. As long it has the connection with art and creativity, that will be us to do it! Maika is currently working on Creme Musik at the moment. And we have some offers but we could not say anything right now. Just wait for the announcement later (laugh).

Do you have any rules when it comes to your creative process?

There is only one rule! The ouput should be kickass awesome! I do not really care how the process should be done. Because we love to experiment in various ways when we deliver our work.

Is there a fantastic plug in, or tool that you have found recently that you would recommend?

There is this plugin called Newton 2. It is a very delicate plug in to creating objects that will be playable with gravity. For Creme, there is nothing much. I only use Premiere Pro to create mixtapes!

What are your creative influences and interests?

For Collective Studio, it will be While Creme Musik, it will be Majestic x Laneway. Interest at the moment? I want to create a product that I can sell and Indonesian will be proud of it.

What were your first creative influences growing up? Who inspires you today?

When I was a little there was this dude who skate like crazy his name was Alex Browskow, he is professional skateboarder from United States. Plus there is this graffiti writer and a legend within street community that goes by the name of SEEN, he truly influenced me when I was into writing. As for creative influences, there is this motion graphic artist goes by the name of Junior Canest.

  • Satriya Gurnitha of Maika Collective
  • Satriya Gurnitha of Maika Collective
  • Satriya Gurnitha of Maika Collective

Where do you see yourself heading in the next 3-5 years?

I see myself as creativepreneur! When I have tons of money I want to chip in local start-ups. We only have less than 2% of entrpreneurs in Indonesia and that is a sad thing to say.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

NEIGHBOURLIST for sure. Creme Musik. Maika Collective. Vice. Nike Lab. 13th Witness. Ernanda Putra. Hamada Hideaki. Casey Neistat. Zach King.

Away from working how do you like to relax and spend your time?

I like to spend my time with my love ones. When it comes to work I do not really hangout that much because we are still a startup (laugh). Plus I do not like to leave my team for so long.

What are 3 websites you visit every day for inspiration?

Vimeo, Vice and Behance.

Are there one or two things you wish you had known when you were just starting out?

Nope. I am very grateful for anything that have been through. I will change nothing that I have known so far.

What is the single most important thing you need to do or be to excel in our industry?

To be more brave. To show up. To create. And to educate the people.

What advice would you give to someone trying to get into the industry?

Well do not stop trying and be your self. Surround yourself with people who makes you more creative!

Any last shoutout or anything that you would like to say?

Let’s make Indonesia more legit! We all know that we have everything here. We just need a big movement to make the impact! Let’s do it and love our country!

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