Gamaliel Audrey Cantika or better known with abbreviation of GAC once again showed their talented skills through their sophomore album titled “Stronger”. This album still available with the genre of R&B while GAC also tried to bring a more mature musical color and vibe through this second album. In the process of making this album, they had the opportunity to follow the songwriting camp in Sweden as on a recommendation from Hayden Bell who is Artists and Repertoire of Sony Music Asia Pacific. For your quick information, Artists and Repertoire is the division of a record label or music publishing company that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and or songwriters. While the album itself contains about ten major songs, including the major hit “Bahagia”. According to them about the album, “Struggles are always somewhere in our space and time. In order to stand up we got to know what falling down is like. But as long as we got each others back, we know that we always going to be Stronger.” A number of musicians from Sweden and United Kingdom who have been working with several world famous singers such as Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Katharine Mcphee, Super Junior, Girls Generation were also part of this second album of GAC.

Gamaliel Audrey Cantika further stated, “For this album, we have songs that are very mature, in terms of lyric and musical. Therefore all the lyrics were created by us and everything were made completely from scratch. Most of it were occurred during the recording session and things that we like. Luckily, all the words have positive vibes. Therefore, when we finished the album, it feels like we just giving a birth.” Aside having music with a more colorful arrangement, GAC also displays a different kind fashion than their previous albums. Audrey explained about this, “Our style follows our mood. For the first album we presented tribal colors. While for the second album is more kind of monochrome, such as black and white. If you have seen the music video of Bahagia, the official theme is black and white because it simply stated our happiness.” For those of you who are fans of Gamaliel Audrey Cantika aka GAC, you can now buy their sophomore album “Stronger” that is presented by Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. It now available digitally via iTunes store with retail price of IDR 50.000.

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