• NEIGHBOURTALK Subki Gravity Element
  • NEIGHBOURTALK Subki Gravity Element
  • NEIGHBOURTALK Subki Gravity Element
  • NEIGHBOURTALK Subki Gravity Element
  • NEIGHBOURTALK Subki Gravity Element
  • NEIGHBOURTALK Subki Gravity Element

Things are great here in the office and we are very happy to tell you that we have achieved our target for last month. Today, as we facing the months of Holiday, we finally have our chance to share you the first #NEIGHBOURTALK editorial for June 2015. This time we had a great little chit-chat with our long lost friend from the city of Bandung known as Ahmad Subki, who is currently running his own menswear brand called Gravity Element. For those of you who are familiar with our old blog, you must heard or seen their products under a name brand called GRAVEL. The brand started in 2003 and has a mission to make great clothes and products that fit the current style. After ten years, in this modern environment they are evolving to a new concept, they want to create good looking products and has functional utility at the same time, offers the versatility, durability, and practical companion which makes life easier. They believe that built-to-last products comes from a well-designed and fine fabrics, and for that they called themselves as Gravity Element. Aside from it, they are now able to deliver several menswear apparel and handmade goods to many big cities in Indonesia. Without further information, please read the whole full interview and behind the scene story of Ahmad Subki from local brand Gravity Element below.

First of all, how are you and how is your business?

Never been better. Business is good as well.

People knows you as an active Instagram user and proudly, a co-founder for local brand called Gravity Element. Can you briefly describe your products – what do you design?

Well unfortunately I am not an active user of Instagram anymore. Business is already made me dizzy (laugh). I can call my brand, Gravity Element as “Urban Survivor” related gear products because actually I love being outdoors. However things are not easy as it is today. I have so many things to do and to take care of, from family, kids, prepare few good products or sample for my clients, maintain the good work hours for my employees, and etc. But I still love the fact that some people still have their own way to being one with nature as it means to be a spiritual thing, reminding us to being alive or simply live our life. Perhaps that is what I want from my brand. You still can have a normal-modern life but with the outdoor spirit. So it does not matter where you live at, as long as you have the same mentality. Hopefully our products can touch you in personal life.

Did grow up in Bandung? Did you went to school for art?

Yes, born andn raised in Bandung. No, actually I was studying in Ocenography. But long before that I was very interested in Architecture and almost chose Architecture as my main major. But I do not remember why I end up with Oceanography classes (laugh).

How did you get into designing?

I may say, I am not a designer because I just a design enthusiast. I love to look at beautiful things and learned design with my own perspective as seeing many things from music video, magazine, internet, and now on Instagram (laugh).

I noticed you started your brand way before the internet-era. What was it like before? Any memorable moments that related to pursuing your dream with the brand?

Yes. Back in the days, I used to offered my Gravity Element products through my closest friends or whoever that knows me with a minimum quantity of course. Then things got serious with me taking the next step as in offering the Gravity Element products to several distribution stores. I also tried to have a direct interaction with my customers, store managers, and store marketing so therefore I could understand well what they wanted from my brand. Based on those experiences, I am now able to sell my products online with an ease, although there is still tough competition around the local scene.

So what is new aside having a brand new name and logos? What will you offer for the upcoming season? Any new products or themes?

Pretty much everything. If you visit our website, you could see on ‘About Us’ section, there is few changes including the management system, design concept, how to interact with customer, and few other more. What is clear is that we want to change the direction of Gravity Element into something better. As for the upcoming season, we would like to have a two-tone products or something that is more colorful, either in fabric or material. Because during the last few months we have been offering our customers with some subtle earthy color.

Who are your products for – who is your main market? Do you make your products yourself, and if not, where are they manufactured?

Based on the selling price point of our products, our main target is for the middle class. But it is also possible to penetrate the upper middle class. Therefore we are maintaining the quality of this brand, starting from its materials, finishing, marketing, product photos, to the packaging. And unfortunately not yet. All of our products are created here with several vendors from Bandung.

What inspires you – where do you get your ideas? Where do you work – do you have a studio, workshop, or work out of your home?

Internet can provide me anything that I wanted, but mostly these days I got lot of exciting stuff and inspirations by being outdoors. What I mean of being outdoors is that you does not have to climb the mountain (laugh) but it can be as simple as going to the park with your kids and wife, hangout with friends, doing some excercise or sports together, and many. While doing that kind of thing, sometimes great ideas just flashed into my head, “Like this can be good” or “Do not try this”. As for the studio or workshop, currently I had turn my car garage into my own small office (laugh).

What is your price point? Where are your products sold? What are your ambitions for your label?

As I mentioned before about the price, the point is it does not have to be expensive it just have to be THAT good. Currently, all of the Gravity Elements products are available online, through our very own website or several distributors. My future goal for this label is simple, I would like to see my grand-grand-grandkids to have running this label one day (laugh).

This will be just a general idea about yourself. Who are you listening to currently?

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift (laugh) What? I am still young at heart!

On the topic of music, what was the last music show or concert that you saw?

Keane at Tennis Indoor Senayan Jakarta and that was three years ago. But they still amazed me.

Can you reveal where you will be shooting your next catalogue?

I want to go to Morocco desert (laugh).

What should men have in their closet?

A minimalist wristwatch.

What are you really into nowadays?

Still, football bro, never sleep (laugh)

Now, if you could be a character in fiction, what would you be?

Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption.

Any shoutout or things that you would like to mention? Feel free to type anything.

Well, I always remember what Homer Simpson said, “No matter how good you are on something, there is always about a million people better than you.” This quote always reminding me to always make better things. Being humble and always looking for a greater thing because certainly, there are people who are better than us. Because at the end of the day, God is the one who has everything and good plan for our life.

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