YessBoss SMS Service

The IT geek in Indonesia love to spread a big amount of good mobile application with a fact that a mobile penetration has a good rate of around 130 percent. But often what they fail to mention is that the majority of those users are still on feature phones, not the smartphones. Big companies might have moved into the 4G system but little that we know that Indonesian people still preferred the less technology system as in to communicate, such as the short messaging service or SMS. At least from what we know, more than two thirds of Indonesians use SMS at least once a week. One startup that is using the service in a clever way is YesBoss. The startup company is based in Jakarta and created by four youngsters, Irzan Raditya, Muhammad Reynir Fauzan, Wahyu Wrehasnaya, and Christian Franke. The company offers a virtual assistant that will help you out with anything you want or need, all via SMS requests. The concept is great, as in major of Indonesian need this kind of service when they are too lazy to get out of their houses.

The goal of YesBoss is for users to no longer go out with their car to order their favorite food, go to the hardware store, buy movie tickets, groceries, know the latest traffic situation, pick up your goods in-store, or even buy things online. This is an interesting value proposition, as many working-class Indonesians do not have access to the internet. Instead, users can just text whatever their heart desires to one dedicated phone number, and the item will appears. But how is the system works? Well to answer this question, we have read several articles and found good reviews as in each each inquiry has worked out for them so far, on ordering food, taxis, asking the traffic, and etc. As for the virtual assistant of YesBoos, they will reply to your inquiry within four to seven minutes. However, it could also take up to thirty minutes or more if they are facing more difficult or complex inquiry. Fair enough do not you say. For those of you who would like to use their free service, unfortunately it can only be accessed by those who sign up for an invitation. At the moment, there are about more than five-houndreds invitations still available. For more information about YesBoss or the future mobile app for smartphone users, you can always visit the official site via several links above.

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