Popular Magazine June 2015 Naughty University

One of the most respectable magazine in Indonesia that captures the beauty of Indonesian women known as Popular Magazine recently released their latest issue for June 2015 with “Naughty University” as the main theme. This newly released magazine will be available in special format, 100 more uncensored pages that will discuss your long-life dreams about having a hot teacher in your school and local products that are very well know in international community. Because of the uniqueness of these topics, the publisher decided to bring in more than 100 pages of galleries and news with, you guessed it, various pop models and sexiest lingerie team. In addition, you could also take a look at headmaster of the so-called Naughty academy and gorgeous lady, Elvia Cerroline as the front cover girl, and fellow sexy students from Ayu Ditha, Monalissa, to Gege Fransiska.

As for the main article, Popular Magazine decided to bring in a story about local stuff that is very well known in the international market. Indonesian people may not know of their existence, even so these products may have been part of their lives. In addition there are several fun, sexy, and classy articles, starting from the 10 Sexiest Heir of Business Empire or Hot Children of Billionaires, Sex in Public Space, exclusive interview with Remy Silado who is an artist that admires sexy women, interview with Stan Lee who is the God os Superhero, to the investigation of Fantasy Spa in Indonesia. For more information about Popular Magazine and their recent released, you could always feel free to visit the official homepage or follow their YouTube channel account

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