PT XL Axiata Indonesia as the second largest telecommunications operator in Indonesia recently released their newest program called XL Future Leaders. XL Future Leaders is a program specifically design by XL Axiata to empowers young Indonesians to be able to compete on a global scale. In its fourth year, they offer a soft skill training program to train about leadership in company that is needed by the students. Armed with academic ability and the ability of soft skills as taught in the program of Feature Leader, hopefully they will be able to face the future challenges, including competing with the seizing key positions in various fields. XL Future Leaders 4 is also a testament to the commitment and consistency of XL in supporting the improvement of education in Indonesia as to facilitate young talents to be honed into future leaders who are able to compete globally.

From the results of a study conducted by XL on the needs of competent leaders, the answer is soft skill is the biggest challenge in Indonesia. Therefore, XL decided to establish a program whereas fellow young students can received a soft skill education, especially to cover three main areas of competence, and contribute to print the leaders of Indonesia in the future. The three main competences that are available in Future Leaders program are Effective Communication as the key to success in delivering the opinion by the leaders and how to negotiate. Second is the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, including sensitivity to see the opportunities that will lead to the economic advantages. Last but not least is the ability of How to Manage the System of which he or she is able to adapt to the rapid development of technology and make it as a golden opportunity to be exploited. For those of you who are willing to participate, feel free to visit the official of XL Future Leaders by XL Axiata Indonesia to know more on how to register. You could also read about the system below.

The XL Future Leaders program began as the vision of the CEO of XL Axiata Indonesia, Pak Hasnul Suhaimi, who wanted to create a world-class leadership development program to empower future Indonesian leaders in accordance with the nationally recognized goal for Indonesia to be one of the top 5 world economies by the year 2030. This vision would involve the creation of an intensive 2-year leadership development program to prepare university students for the rigors of leadership in the global context, as well as an e-curriculum that would be free for anyone wishing to improve their leadership capacity. As a result, the highly reputable New Zealand based consultancy, Cognition Education, was brought in to conduct a survey of the educational needs that would best prepare young Indonesian leaders for the challenges ahead. The survey revealed three core competencies that form a basis for competitiveness in the global economy such as effective communication, entrepreneurship and innovation, and managing change. Additionally, the survey revealed the need for improved critical thinking skills, which is the underlying theme behind the curriculum that Cognition eventually designed specifically for the XL Future Leaders program.

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