Just hours ago, one of the biggest independent record company based in Jakarta known as Demajors updated their official YouTube channel with a music video called “Takkan Mengalah Jadi Gila” by Revo Marty. This single is part of his newest album entitled “Say My Name” and its not much different in terms of the concept of music and color in every track. The guy who previously had released his first album titled “Realize” back in 2012 also stated that this album is the result of his hard work and production where he served as Executive Producer, Drafter, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, Player and also Mixing Instrument Engineer in every track. Whereas “Say My Name” album is like an alter ego of Revo Marty who is trying to explore his musical talents to the maximum. His music is varied, ranging from the Neo Soul, R&B, Oldskool Soul, Pop, Jazz, to Motown. But nowadays, he would love his music as an Eclectic Soul which is a fusion of soul genre. The album “Say My Name” is now available in the music market of Indonesia by May 2015 under record label Ravensome Production and Demajors Independent Music Industry or DIMI as the official distributor. For more information about Revo Marty and his music history, feel free to visit official Facebook fan page. You can also order his newest album now online via Demajors official site.

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