Again, the term psychedelic music is here and coloring the underground music scene in Indonesia under a duo based in Jakarta, Imam Buana and Pandji Dharma, known as Animalism. The word itself means as a form of manifesto of human wild side. Do not need many words to describe this name. Just like a private in the wild, instinct become the dominating aspect of the process of creating the work. The band started since 2013 and contains an independent producer duo who agreed to establish an Electronic Pop music project, close with electronic drum machine, as well as quite having an oriented Psychedelic sounds that are wild but still has few aspects of popular indie-psychedelic. Imam Buana who is based in Jakarta affected much of his musical background with Psychedelia sounds, Post Punk, Chill, dan Electronic Indie Pop by the early 2000s. He has done a lot of contribution to several local musicians such as The Apollo, 20 Adventure Time, MAMI and ADHE ARRIO, Sirati Dharma, and KimoKal.

Whereas Pandji Dharma is based in Sydney, Australia and has much detracted from the Garage Rock music scene, Psychedelia, and Electronica. He also has a lot to contribute in several projects such as for The Fire Fighters, Honey Badger, Adharma, Sirati Dharma, and became lead singer of stoner band from Australia called Addicted Beach. Differences continent causes difficulties as they went into production. Over time, Pandji decided to returned to Indonesia and agreed to release a single called “Get Lost”. The song was inspired from modern society that has been too absorbed with mundane. This song invites us to be more open or become very close with nature, as we may go to the mountain or strolling around the little island. For those of you who are willing to know more about them, Animalism has already released an EP under the Double Deer Records label with the concept of “Remixes” in digital format. This EP contains remixes or re-work by a producer named Adhe Arrio and Kimo. Remixes EP is already available for download at some digital stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload, and many more.

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