One of Indonesia-based mobile telecommunications services operator known as PT XL Axiata Tbk recently presented a video series through their official YouTube channel called “Arti Bahagia” part of the ongoing campaign of Spread The Love. Through this online shows, the telecommunication company would like to share several unique ideas of having fun. This idea then being interpreted by several well known stand up comedians such as Soleh Solihun, Arie Keriting, Ge Pamungkas, and many more. During the two minutes video, each of them will share a shorty story that is related to the main theme of “Arti Bahagia” and its correlation to Spread The Love campaign. At the same time, the phone service company also simultaneously launched a program entitled “Kebahagiaan Ramadhan” for the holy month of Ramadan. Various interesting products, digital experiences, to the diverse program of Hotrod 4G LTE can be found through their official site. Dian Siswarini who is the President Director of XL mentioned, “The magnitude benefit of the internet is indisputable. Because the needs of the people of Indonesia on the high quality internet service with a sure and steady pace continues to increase.” For more information about “Arti Bahagia” part of the ongoing campaign of XL Axiata, feel free to follow the entire video series through their official YouTube channel.

Various forms of XL’s commitment to bring progress for the people of Indonesia can be found through several program, such as the Sisternet that empower women to be more advanced over the Internet, Future Leaders that is oriented towards better access to education, to M-Fish that directly assist traditional fishermen in their job. In addition, some digital applications also can be seen, such as Hotrod Virtual Travelling that take visitors to various cities in the digital space, Hotrod Virtual Reality which is a digital simulation technology that makes us significantly involved in a game, the sensation of the full race experience in F1, to free access Hotrod services. In addition to those services and program, PT XL Axiata Tbk recently updated their official YouTube channel with a video series of “Arti Bahagia” part of the ongoing campaign of Spread The Love. Through this video series, you will be able to see several people in Indonesia, especial the stand up comedians, and their unique perspective of being happy. Hopefully through this video, you will learn and get a chance to being happy and grateful for what you have in life. For more information about XL and its latest video campaign, please visit them via their official page of XL Axiata.

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