One of the fastest-growing international trend women’s magazines and publication dedicated to young women known as the JOY Magazine and its official team in Indonesia recently updated their YouTube channel and its official website with a new video, part of their new segment called “JoyTrivia”. For the latest video, they managed to get an exclusive interview with a famous Indonesian actress and model popularly known as Dian Sastrowardoyo. Part of their cover story of July 2015 edition also give an insight on her career and fun knowledge on how she succeeded to exist in the local entertainment world, including her will to try out a variety of roles in local film industry, including being an antagonist. Along with those, this exclusive interview also completed with her quick answers regarding several topics, from books that inspire her life, when does she feel like a truly Indonesian woman, funny moments or things that make her laugh, her favorite destination for holiday, things or places that she would like to capture, to things that she would like to do during her free time. For those of you who are fans of Dian Sastrowardoyo, you surely do not want to miss this whole interview. The “JoyTrivia” by JOY Magazine is created by the entire creative team of JOY Magazine Indonesia. For more story about her, feel free to visit the official site via the link above.

JOY Magazine is originally and an international magazine for women started in 1995 with German language edition. Magazine topics are range from lifestyle, trends, fashion, beauty, men. Covers usually feature famous actresses, singers, and other female entertainers. In Germany Joy is part of Bauer Media and is published by Marquard on a monthly basis. Whereas in Indonesia, the JOY Magazine Indonesia is the publication dedicated to young women who believe in the power of positive attitudes, who embrace life thoroughly with great confidence and happiness. As one of the fastest-growing international trend magazines for women, JOY has been celebrated in many different countries as the number one choice for the latest trends in fashion and beauty, the most current buzz on Hollywood stars and the hottest advice on men. Published monthly under DestinAsian Media Group, the parent company of several subsidiaries operating in the media and publishing sectors, for only IDR 24.000 and from cover to cover, JOY Magazine promises to put a joyful smile on each of their reader’s face while delivering the hottest trends in town! For further information about JOY Magazine and its DestinAsian Media Group, feel free to visit their official site.

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