From the creator of digital television network over at QUBtv, Eric Liem and Tasya P Maulana recently uploaded their latest work for “The Inventives” Comics Series program featuring Rhoald Marcellius who is a comic book artist and illustrator from local creative company known as Stellar Labs. For your quick information, his carrier already builded for more than few years. While in this exclusive video, the comic book artist cannot easily squeezed his personal branding into one category. Maybe because he is rendering across fantasy genre, superhero, to science-fiction genre. He is also been working with many big names publications. Rhoald Marcellius is a true professional as he thinks an artist should have the ability to control his mood. We wish he could clone himself so that he could spread more of his delightful enthusiasm throughout the comics industry. Furthermore, he also shared few basic knowledge on how to survive within this big-scale industry, what you should do as a professional comic book artist, and what is his future plan. If you want to know more about him and his creation under the marvelous-independent Stellar Labs, please watch the entire exclusive video by QUBtv featuring Rhoald Marcellius above.

QUBtv is an online television network produces short-form videos, available for free via their website at The website is created by the founder, Eric, a graduate of Visual Communication Design from Pelita Harapan University who dreams that the site will be the movement that can blur the line between cultures in Indonesia that can cross the borders, genres and generations. Along with program director, Tasya P Maulana, who obsessed for pop culture started early in his childhood days and eager to explore as much popular culture as he can, they spans topics such as cutting-edge entertainment, culture, interview, lifestyle, and everything in between. They believes that good information can be entertaining, delivered in short time and easy to digest. For your information, “The Inventives” program features influential individual or many people behind local businesses or communities whose passion has made an impact. Local business and communities featured are from various fields, included but not limited to fashion, culinary, lifestyle, music, and art. For more information, Please visit the official site of QUBtv for more names behind the creative industry.

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