Sentras Box Food Truck Sentul

Are you into food and beverage business? If you do and have a passion to build one within a smaller scale such as using a portable truck, then Sentras Varitama aka the Sentras Box is here to help you to start with. The Sentul based company is formerly known as a maker of cool box on top of a truck using a sandwich panel technology. Due to the popular demand of trucks with sandwich panels and huge request of the customers, lately they have shifted their specialties into creating mobile office, mobile toilets, mobile kiosk, prefab container, portable housing, wide range of design products using latest technology, and others including food truck. As for the price of a single food truck, it could be different to each customer as the price will match the request. However in general, a four-meter regular food truck could cost you start from IDR 115 million Rupiah and that will not include vehicles, kitchen utensils, sticker, and others necessities. The time required for the manufacture of food trucks will be up to eight weeks.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sandwich panel technology that is being used by the Sentras Box, it is a newest technology that can produce insulated panels and are very strong even without the use of iron frame. Therefore, it can reduce the total weight of the vehicle itself which lead to savings in fuel and vehicle spare parts. Aside from that specialty, this technology is also supported by the XPS Extruded Polystyrene system so that the density quality and its uniformity can always be maintained. Whereas the air cavity that normally occur or trapped in the insulation by means of casting could not be happen here. The air bubbles that are trapped in this panel can reduce the function or quality of the insulation, and also resulted in the panel surface so uneven. The outer skin and inside part of the sandwich panels are using FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic which are produced by extrusion that can be guaranteed to always get a flat surface. They are able to produce sandwich panels up to the size of three-meters by twelve-meters with no connection. Each sandwich panel that they manufactured are top quality, so each of the panels is clearly will be getting a flat surface, making it suitable for your business.

In Indonesia, where the temperature is very humid and important for the cleaning sector, people tend to worry about the right materials for the business. Good thing is that the Sentras Box team had prepared for all the things that people’s need, including materials that do not absorb water. Absorption usually occurs due to temperature differences between outside and inside the box. Therefore, they used materials that do not absorb water which can become moldy or insect nests. Insulation materials that they used only absorb a maximum of 0.5% water, whereas other insulation usually can absorb 5% of water or more which will add to the weight of the vehicle itself and reduce the quality of the insulation. On top of it, for the food safety, they do not use any paint containing toxic. All the sandwich panels material are manufactured by major international companies and has a secure certificate for food. As for those of you who are going to purchase their service, they offer warranty such as one-year warranty for the box construction and another ten years for insulating materials that they use. So if you would love to sold your vehicle after a decade, eventually it is still a valuable property and easily repaired.

Last but not least, the Sentras Box company that is established in 2005 and supported by few experts in producing box coolers also offers a great material that will protect your surface panel. It is called fiberglass which already common and used by the automotive industry and the car body shops in Indonesia. If you face a problem or have a minor accident, they will replace the damage area with a new skin. Those new skin will help to protect you vehicle and will not reduce the the quality of the insulation. For those of you who are willing to know more about Sentras Box and their specialties, including those who are about to create mobile office, mobile toilets, mobile kiosk, prefab container, portable housing, and wide range of design products using latest technology and others including food truck, feel free to visit their official site via several links above.

Sentras Box Food Truck Sentul

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