In Indonesia, there is a need from the community to have a quick cash in order to cover the urgent need of paying their additional fees, including tuition for school and their children or health related problems such as to cover doctor’s fees and medicines. Therefore, the online system known as is here to give you a solution as the first online application in Indonesia for short-term lending money service. During the launch party of, Aidil Zulkifli who is the Co-Founder and CEO further explained, “We found the fact that the needs of the community with a small amount of cash still can not be met by the existing lending institutions, because most lending institutions make loans only in large quantities, and it is for long durations.” According to KPMG Microfinance Study in 2014, the micro lending market segment in Indonesia is still very large. The report explains that there are 105 million people in Indonesia with an income of about sixty-thousand Rupiah per day who still need access to microloans. And credit market segments with a huge potential turned out to be untapped by several major banks and other financial institutions in Indonesia. According to the official data from Bank Indonesia back in 2014, the portion of the new micro-loans reached 4% of total loans.

Furthermore Aidil Zulkifli, who is a Singaporean lawyer further mentioned, “This is one of the reasons for us to provide solutions through Together with the online system, people no longer need to hesitated on how to cover their sudden financial need or things that are urgent. People in Indonesia, especially for those who live in Jabodetabek could apply for bailout loans without collateral amounting to a maximum of two million Rupiah through the website with a maximum repayment period of thirty days.” By the unique presence of which is operated by PT Digital Alpha Indonesia, hopefully it could be seen as good alternative in terms of borrowing money for those in need. Prior to this writing, also has received a fairly warm welcome by Indonesia netizens. It can be seen from the high traffic that reaches thousands of clicks per day. also has received thousands of requests for bailout loan with a various number. For those of you who would love to try their system, the borrower simply need to fill out the form on the website Then their official team will evaluate through a credit scoring system algorithm and fraud, which is a proprietary technology of as well as to verify your data. The entire lending process is fast, easy, and safe which is intended to help borrowers who are in need of urgent funds. will not charging any extra fees to the lender. By the time of disbursement, the borrower will receive all the funds in their account in full without any additional cost cuts, such as admin costs or agency fees. The borrower can perform simulation directly on the website which provide detail information about the exact cost, so the borrowers know exactly from the start how much they will receive and how much should be returned. Furthermore, Aidil Zulkifli explained, “ provide loans to those who have a track record of good credit and considered able to repay. We used this kind of method because we would like to invite the public to always be responsible in taking their financial decisions, and knowing all the benefits and risks.” Initial loan interest of 1% per day will be charged to the borrower with a maximum payback period for 30 days. But unlike other lending institution, if the borrower can repay the funds faster than a predetermined time, then the borrower will not be fined with repayment. The amount of interest paid is only counted until the day of return. Another advantage is that if the borrower has the discipline to repay their loans on time, then the borrower can be approved and disbursed funds in a matter of hours or instant approval and get lower number on their loan interest.

For loan applications who got rejected, will provide a period of three months before the borrower can apply for their loan, of course with a different or better kind of their bank statement. Through this method, they would like to invite the public to always be clever in taking financial decisions and be responsible for keeping the rules. support the Indonesian community in order to use the cash wisely in accordance with their needs. “For those who in need of instant funds because of their urgent need, is here as the first online application in Indonesia for short-term lending money service with a reliable and trust system,” said Aidil Zulkifli. In addition to their credit analysis system which is supported by a good and solid team, also supported by an experienced venture capital firms, namely Alpha JWC Ventures. Partners of Alpha JWC in Indonesia are those experienced businessman who are keen to invest and support the technology company that are on the rise in Indonesia, such as Traveloka, Tokopedia, and Jualo. About the reason Alpha JWC Ventures support, Will Ongkowidjaja who is the Managing Partner of Alpha JWC explained, “We have confidence for this company because it is one of the companies in Indonesia that would create a positive social impact in order to open more access to the public to get a micro financial services with online system, fast, and more importantly reliable.”

Will also added that solid management team of is also supported by two factors, first because it consists of young entrepreneurs from the field of technology that has reached remarkable achievements as Aidil Zulkifli. Second, because Aidil is supported by an established team with a total of more than thirty-years of experience in the financial world of Indonesia. They are the team that previously had occupied senior positions in the management of credit risk and collections management at leading financial institutions in Indonesia, such as Bank Permata, Bank Danamon, HSBC and Adira Finance. So what are you waiting for? is the first digital company in Indonesia that will you with a trust short-term loans and system that can be useful for your business or anything that are urgent. Operating in Indonesia on April 2015, provides fast and reliable services that can be accessed via the web or mobile app. In assessing the loan application submissions, uses automated risk assessment technology and real-time assistant which will provide an objective decision. is also the first company in Southeast Asia to enact a fully automated lending system. Transparency of cost calculation also guaranteed, will not charge additional fees such as admin costs, fees, and annual fees like other unsecured loans.

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