Every journey in life starts with a clean pair of shoes. You live life full of activities from dusk till dawn. Do not let dirty shoes stop you on your tracks. And if you have a problem on cleaning out your favorite pair of shoes, BERZY is here to offers you the ultimate shoe care solution for all of your shoes. Since ages ago, shoes are more than just “feet protectors”, they are the greatest invention in the world. Shoes help you to travel to distant places, to compete at the highest level of sports, to protect your feet from harmful objects, and most important of all, to make you look fashionably good! Take care of your shoes as it takes care of you. Clean it. Give it the proper care it deserves. Let your shoes travel as far as you will go. The creative team over at BERZY knows how to handle your shoes, therefore they offer several type of shoe-package to keep your favorite pair of shoes clean and look good. To start with, they have this 100ml premium shoe cleaner, available with retail price of IDR 80.000. This original formula cleans, conditions, and eliminates stains up to hundred pairs of shoes. It is safe on colors and all types of materials. Will give you easy five step cleaning process and clean a pair of shoes in less than five minutes. Non-irritant on skin and fully recyclable packaging.

Second, they have the all purpose cleaning brush, available with retail price of IDR 50.000. This high quality nylon bristle is made to deliver versatile and powerful cleaning experience. Soft on any material and “tought” (tough + thoughtful) against stains. Created with heat stamped BERZY logo on its side and fully recyclable packaging. Third, they have the premium Ox hair cleaning brush, available with retail price of IDR 70.000. This hand selected oX hair brush is perfect to clean suede, nubuck, leather, and other delicate materials. Forth is the Ultrafine Microfiber Towel, available with retail price of IDR 50.000. This towel lifts and traps all dirt, grease, and grime into the cloth and away from your shoes. Can absorbs seven times better than regular towel. It is easy to clean and can be used multiple times. The towel is fully recyclable packaging and 100% Made in Indonesia. Last but not least is the Dust Bag, available with retail price of IDR 15.000. This spunbond bag allow shoes to breath while being protected from all elements. Can be used as travel bag. But if you would to have those several items in one package, you could choose the ultimate shoe care package with only IDR 150.000. This package contains 100ml premium shoe cleaner, all-purpose cleaning brush, and one Ultrafine Microfiber Towel. Creatively packaged for “on the go” needs. For more information about BERZY the Ultimate Shoe Care Solution, feel free to find out the latest update through their official Instagram account.

BERZY the Ultimate Shoe Care Solution for All of Your Favorite Pairs of Shoes
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