Popular Magazine September 2015 House of Desire

One of the most respectable adult magazine in Indonesia that captures the beauty of Indonesian women known as Popular Magazine recently released their latest issue for September 2015 with “House of Desire” as the main theme. This newly released magazine will turns your neck 180 degree because it will come with a specific topics and photos that will fulfill your sexiest fantasy. The “House of Desire” edition will also be filled with photos of hot Indonesian girls and several topics or articles ranging from the cover girl Widuri Agesti who will share her sensual photos over the living room, special talk and interview with the rising star Nheyla Putri about her personality and what she like at the kitchen area, then behind the window you will find the cutie Ratu Friesk for the In My Room segment, and as a bonus there will be pages with Putri Riri who is the Miss Popular Batch 3 Winner to shop up with her bikinis. In addition to the lovely and hot girls, Popular Magazine will also shared few articles, special report, or interviews with few inspirational figures, such as Budapest, the secret of Porno Business around the world, close up with Desta and Donny Damara, special thirty-day calendar, hot investigation “Lust After Shop”, to the main report of “Real House of Desire”. For those of you who are willing to know more information about Popular Magazine and their recent released issue for September 2015 “House of Desire”, you could always feel free to visit the official homepage or follow their official YouTube channel.

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