Universal Music Indonesia Lepaskan

Universal Music Indonesia and Disney proudly presents “Lepaskan”, an Indonesian version and music single from the smash hit single “Let It Go” which is taken from the soundtrack of the box office animated film “Frozen”. This new single is brought to you by Universal Music Indonesia and Disney by the voices of top five Indonesian singers, such as Anggun C Sasmi, Regina, Nowela, Chilla Kiana, and Cindy Bernadette. “Lepaskan” is also the first single from the compilation album of “We Love Disney Indonesia” and features the best Indonesian artist and its several popular Disney songs of all time. It is very inspiring and available to you in Bahasa Indonesia. Furthermore, the singer and songwriter Anggun further expressed her gratitude towards this song, as she explained, “The song Let is Go is a masterpiece, it is a beautiful song and full of emotion. It also has a very addictive melody and somehow you would immediately know if it is a Disney song in just a few seconds. I am very proud and honored to perform with some of the talented Indonesian singers from Indonesia. They were incredible and I felt lucky to get to know them personally. When I sang the Indonesian version of Let It Go in front of my child, their eyes were twinkling. It is great!”

Nowela further stated her comments by saying, “I sang this song during my activity at Indonesian Idol. When I was given the opportunity to participate in this record with other talented Indonesian singers, I feel most fortunate to be a singer. I love Disney!” Regina who is also an ex-member of Indonesian Idol mentioned, “I feel very honored to sing this single with few incredible singers. Especially since we sing this in Bahasa Indonesia.” “Lepaskan” is the first single from the compilation album “We Love Disney Indonesia”. The album features twelve major tracks from Disney and includes several talented singers from Indonesia, such as Anggun C Sasmi, Raisa, Regina Indonesian Idol, Husein and Nowela of Indonesian Idol, 5Romeo, Chilla Kiana, Chakra Khan, Cindy Bernadette, Bisma Karisma, Billy Simpson, and The Finest Tree. This album is now available on iTunes and several major record stores in Indonesia with retail price of IDR 49.000. For more information about the album, feel free to visit the official site of Universal Music Indonesia or Disney. To find out more about the single “Lepaskan”, you can also watch the single via YouTube channel of Disney Asia.

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