Karka rounds out the year with an official lookbook to its end of 2015 collection. The resulting collection consists of t-shirts, sweatshirt and zip-up hoodie and as has been typical of the brand, the collection is fraught with animal graphics which inspired by vintage design. For their main highlight, it’s on the T-shirt collection “Pure Sweat Solid Luck” which try to brings a motivational message that for every sweat we spilled will bring luck to its skin. For The Bold T-shirt, it’s telling us that fortune always favors the bold and never helps a man who doesn’t help himself. And for the zip-up hoodie, it spoiled with nuclear graphic that remembering us with the atomic bomb tragedy in Nagasaki that brings lot of misery for human kind. As you can see Karka’s newest collection much telling about courage, which people often forget to have it in their daily life.

Founded in early 2015, the name Karka itself means crab in Hindi and as human who has desire to cooperate in reaching happiness and harmony. For you who interested in having the items or knowing more about the brand, head on over to their Instagram page.

Karka presents End of 2015 Collection as Their Speak For The Importance of Courage
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