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Started as a tattoo parlour, Vaya Con Dios which know as the cult label based in Bandung is revealing new t-shirt collection that comes with a combination from the tattoo subcultures to create a unique contemporary design. For the campaign photo shoots, Vaya Con Dios is working together with Archie Dennis as model and Vincentius Aditya as photographer, whom also the creative mind behind Paradise Youth Club. The creative process resulted in a raw selective look that speaks attitude.

The collection rife with references to the ideas of the art and culture of Russian prisoner tattoos where each tattoo encapsulates its meaning and wasn’t worn for fashion yet has to be earned—even the hard way since those tats indicate a symbol of unspoken moral code. The range seamlessly integrates modern influences to create an offering fit for any generation. Utilizing mostly bold black backgrounds and the graphics marked out in white, the distinct looks of the ideas are clear points of reference. Vaya Con Dios apparel collection will drop soon at The Goods Dept, Orbis, and Nine Collective. For more information about newest Vaya Con Dios, feel free to follow their official Instagram account.

Vaya Con Dios Revealed Their Latest Apparel Collection featuring Archie Dennis
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