A simple visual clad in black and white is a representation of the newest music video from Jakarta based rapper known as Laze. His new single dubbed as “Budak” is a bit ‘dark’ and if you’re familiar enough, it’s like we’re back to Hip Hop era in 90s where trumpets are really dominating the music. The music video directed by Raven Navaro (which known as one of the founder of Elhaus) using an iPhone in order to capture the “low-fi” vibe.

The lyric speaks of modern slavery that happened in this technology era. Modern humans tend to be controlled or be enslaved by anything such as money, lust, the desire to have something or something more. The theme is kinda heavy when compared with the rap song these days but Laze wrapped it with nice wordplay like “Bukan kolektor keramik tapi masih beli Gucci (guci)” and also mixed it with a vocab that we use everyday so that the story can be easily digested. Heads up to Laze new video music above and respect by visit his Sound Cloud page.

Havie Parkasya aka Laze Introduces New Music Video "Budak"
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