Jägermeister Indonesia Celebrate The 3’rd Years Collaboration with SERINGAI in “Jägermusic Night”

3’rd Jagermusic Night
Represents as one of the best-selling alcohol product in the world, Jägermeister Indonesia that’s operated by PT Pantja Artha Niaga / Paniaga once again will hold Jägermusic Night after three years since the first ever held in March 2014. The 3’rd “Jägermusic Night” will bombing you on next Thursday, March 24 at Beer Brother, Kemang, Jakarta.

The idea for the 3’rd Jägermusic Night is to celebrate the third years collaboration anniversary of Jägermeister Indonesia with Seringai, one of Indonesia’s most well known Metal/Octane Rock Band. “We’ve been planning this event for months. Throwing a little celebration on the same months since our first Jägermusic Night three years ago would be a perfect moments for all of us. In conjunction with “Stronger Bond” the Jägermeister global campaign, we’re dedicating this party to tighten the bond between Jägermeister and Seringai itself.” said Pricilla Wismoyo, the brand manager of Jägermeister Indonesia.

Jägermusic Night will also feature other local bands, including Taring (Bandung), PETAKA, and Dental Surf Combat (Jakarta). Tickets to the event will be available at the door as an FDC (First Drink Charge) for Rp 50.000/- with 1 Ice Cold Jägermeister Shot. So if you’re in the area, make sure you drop by and ‘bombed’ yourself there.

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