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Maroo Co is a label that orginally based in Jakarta, emphasizing classic and cool styling with today’s twist to suit our daily essentials. Sticking to an appropriately seasonal theme of “Penghujan”, Maroo Co latest collection includes a selection of wardrobe that supplementing a warm and comfort materials such as canvas, corduroy and denim yet to support you to dealing with unpredictable weather.

Among the standouts are pieces like Corduroy Trucker Jacket, Maroo 145 Green Overall Jacket, Blue Tapro Long Shirt, Denim Round Collar Jacket, accompanied by Blue Canvas Trouser and selections of denim, all wraped in warm weather style. Look for a selection from Maroo Co Penghujan 2016 collection now at their website or Instagram.

Maroo Co presents "Penghujan" Collection in 2016
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