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Founded by jewellery designer Fenny Angela, this Surabaya-based jewellery label Aeroculata is about to release a small collection of ultra plain accessories made from 18k gold-plated and Cubic Zirconia – exudes simplicity, designed with the highest level of Indonesian craftsmanship without any machine process. This marriage of high-grade material use with minimalistic design forms the foundation of Aeroculata’s brand ethos, adopted from its well-established origins as a brand that known for its artisanal approach, high quality and eye for details.

For Aeroculata’s ‘Cubic Zirconia‘ collection, the designer had her deep research and decided to featured Cubic Zirconia for a reason. Cubic Zirconia was discovered in 1937, it is a a colorless form of zirconia that is very similar to diamond in refractivity and appearance. And it well said that cubic zirconia was the innovated nature copy ever in jewelry industry. A glimpse on the brand philosophy, Aeroculata derived from the words AERO and IMMACULATE. Aero is an owner nickname which (in British) means atmosphere – an aeshetics pleasing, and Immaculate (in Latin) means pure and perfecty clean.

The Cubic Zirconia collection of rings and bracelets available soon in Basha Market, Surabaya 22 – 24’th April 2016 followed by Aeroculata website store soon after. A perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, keep updated by following Aeroculata Instagram account.

Aeroculata Upcoming Release: "Cubic Zirconia" Collection
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