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While there are a slew of stylish frames with not-so-affordable prices out there, we decided to focus this time on finding local’s eyewear brand with best deal — still premium, with fairer price. You know, you shouldn’t have to overpay for a great style.

Franc Nobel was the first brand that across our mind. Its product maintains a classic aesthetic while keeping things sleek and modern, the selection of frames highlight quality materials like acetate, a bio-plastic made from cotton and wood pulp. Created in Jakarta, this eyewear brand owned by two German natives Marc Uthay and Christian Csermak. We met one of the guy Marc Uthay to know more about the brand and found out that Franc Nobel has a deep roots on its branding, not only selling glasses that looks cool.

Franc Nobel was founded with one ambition followed by a proper research and development. The movement start when they discovered millions of people in Southeast Asia has some form of myopia thus need prescription glasses or contact lenses, the variety of brands and styles available was limited and the infrastructure to order online not well developed. Soon after, Franc Nobel was born to embark their noble mission — creating an eyewear brand which offers luxury handcrafted wearable styles with great prices, making Franc Nobel most unique.

The resulting collection consists of 15 frame styles, executed in quirky and classic frames with its own series of color option, quality prescription optical lenses and starting at IDR 750.000 – IDR 1.200.000 (signature series) with free-shipping feature. The frames above are Picasso, Chadwick and Lennon; and as the name suggest, all of Franc Nobel’s collection are named from Nobel prize winner, Pablo Picasso, James Chadwick and John Lennon. Each pair comes in a sophisticated reddish handmade designer case and cleaning cloth, which its color inspired by most of Asia national flags that consist red color palette.

When you’re thinking about how rude you are when purchasing premium eyewear via online, no worries, thanks to their very first-time approach in Indonesia with free Home Try-On service. Yes, you can try it at your home before deciding which one. Read more about Franc Nobel’s Home Try-On service here. None the less, the entire collection is available on the Franc Nobel website and offline at Optic Seis, so feel free to take a closer look and decide which one is most suitable for your style.

Franc Nobel Eyewear Introduces Home Try On Glasses
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