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Popular outerwear brand Heyjacker has developed their products and launched their rebranding project. Its latest piece The Strout Basic Parka is aimed to make sure that fanbase continues to grow. Implementing a new system for their products, Heyjacker make a level for their product, The Strout Basic Parka is on their first level – “The Basic”. Heyjacker keeps things creatively simple with materials to keep you warm, made of smooth texture twill canvas with Arro cotton furing, The Strout Basic Parka completed with four pockets at outside and two hidden pockets at inside. You’ll also find “Daily Traveler” type lettering at the bottom of furing.

Soon Heyjacker will release another level in their season. The Basic always restock in few months, but the another level will be made limited. Available in 3 colors, dark brown, green army and navy blue, buy the Heyjacker Strout Basic Parka online now for IDR 350.000,- If you intended to have an exclusive jacket, you can wait until next month for their new season.

Heyjacker presents The Strout Basic Parka in April 2016
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