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Bandung-based label PMP Denim have teamed up with Terror Garage on a collaborative collection. Although we still don’t have any specific details surrounding the forthcoming collaboration between 8-year-old denim brand PMP Denim and classic automobile garage Terror Garage, we have discovered some sneakpeek of their collection. Notable items include vintage distressed mechanic shirt, black hoodie and grey sweatshirt – all embellished in PMP’s signature, ghoulish illustrations and dressed in fittingly dark shades. The drop will be released tomorrow, 23’th April 2016 at BBQ Ride – Bandung.

Head here to keep up with the latest from PMP Denim x Terror Garage and stay tuned for more information on the drop.

PMP Denim x Terror Garage Launching Collection
BBQ Ride – 23’th April 2016
Gudang Persediaan PT KAI
Jl. Sukabumi, Bandung.

PMP Denim x Terror Garage Sneakpeek That'll Drop Tomorrow at BBQ Ride Bandung
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