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Bali based brand established on 2012, Stale Indonesia implementing a bit radical concept to their collection. We are agree to disagree that aren’t many of Indonesian local brands playing in this area. Adapting photographic images of sexually appealing girls with sensual approach, Stale collection itself features a range of graphic tees with various slightly mischievous wordplay. Some of the graphic or so called “sexts” are radical but also fun at the same time. Guess it right, our favorite is “Less Stress More Sex”.

Stale focused on expanding their brand by using many different talents photographed with their current collection. Looks different from other clothing brands that use a talent for many articles products. It’s proven that this promotion strategy is getting the social media user’s attention easier, especially Instagram.

The clothes ultimately can be worn by anyone who identifies with them. As you may know, these articles have been around for years now and will continue to be relevant going forward. By spending IDR 135.000 to get one of their collection, Stale will also give you “Free Bucket Hat” when delivering the goods to your door. Head on over to Stale Instagram page now to check out the individual items.

Stale Indonesia presents Sexually Appealing Girls Figure on Their Lookbook
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