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Entering 2016, Workdone & Co didn’t stop their Flannel games by recently released new articles for Tartan Flannel Collection. You may know that Tartan is the name of flannel pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours, this pattern also known as plaid in North America. The Tartan Flannel collection from Workdone & Co consisting 4 product, Luminous, Fuscous, Deep Navy, and Pop.

With another superlatively consistent collection of flannel shirts, Workdone & Co definetly becoming the best reference if you’re looking for a flannel shirts. For more information and direct purchase, you can go straight to their website and you can also contact their representatives for inquiries and order at +628170137879. Feel free to check their official Instagram account for the latest updates.

Workdone & Co presents 2016 Tartan Flannel Collection
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