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Aspire to be the platform that brings forward new, highly potential names to the influential people of the industry. has finally held a launching event on Saturday, May 21st 2016 at Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta. With the theme InHype: OFFLINE, they try to give people a full experience of what to expect when they visit And this event is an act of an extension of our online presence.

InHype: OFFLINE opened at 2 pm with a multi colored installation of fashion and art exhibition from the likes of brands and artist that in one way or another represents Inhype’s vision. Those who put their creative aspects to live was Andrew carniege, Byba Dolby Sakula, Deva States, Dibba, Dominate, Gianni Fajri, Imaji Studio, Lala Bohang, Mandas, Muchlis Fachri, Nadia Umammi, Phantasma*studio, Rama Dauhan, Rosalindynata Gunawan and Suppairs. Then, a buyer’s room session was up at 5 pm, in which aims to deliver variety of concepts and creative approaches the brands and artist have to offer. InHype intended to build a complete and thorough directory where readers, inspiration seekers from local and/or international can get introduced to new innovative labels as well as discover something new everyday.

One of the featured talent is Rama Dauhan, through his artwork titled “Personal Universe” the artist tries to define himself as a person in terms of life and career — what he sees, what he feels, and what he likes. Prowess but also reflect what he truly cares for. By showcasing this artwork InHype try to show our support towards new talents. And to further concretize their action, they also put the artwork up on auction for charity, 100% of the fund raised is donated to Sayap Dewantara.

The fun was up when Elephant Kind hit the stage at 6 pm giving a massive energy. As for their fashion presentation was held afterwards at 7 pm. The uber cool presentation was directed by Svastiari and supported by Ivy Models. The presentation was adorn by inspiration seekers, also bloggers such as Pupupaula, Sonia Eryka, Elxi Elvina, Arnold Teja and many more. To further enhance the experience, InHype also present a music performance by Kimokal to end the night.

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