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Aiming to provide a collection of affordable, fine craftsmanship and naturally sourced products, Nagarey presents yet another outstanding product lineup to complete your home decoration needs. Like their core value which is to provide a creation of good living and beautiful spaces, Nagarey steps out of their usual zone by offering rugs designed by skilled artisans and made of natural materials.

Within their rugs & fabrics collection, you will spot Aozora Rug (Indigo Dyed). This rug conveys traditional patterns with a border motif, giving a touch of classical style on the pure cotton used. This 120 x 180 cm rug will occasionally shed during the first few months, which can easily be managed with regular vacuuming.  “Blue Ocean”, as what this rug is also known as, is very suitable to be placed in your house to ignite a soothing and calming ambiance.

Check more of their collection by visiting their website and tell us what you think.

Nagarey Offers New Collection of Rugs and Fabrics
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