Over the last decade, Bandung has seen a lot of progress in creative industry. Right now, Bandung unveils another breakthrough: A concept store with minimum colour on layout, various textures, also packed with sleek details, giving a strong fresh contrast as a solid and functional foundation for the streetwear products called 9 Collective. Established in 2015, 9 Collective did it all with black and white themed, also presented with a contemporary mood as a subtle contrast to streetwear image. The guy behind Nine Collective is changing the way we think about selling products by connecting the brand with their community. For more details, head over to their Instagram.

Editorial photos taken by Christian Lucas. Collection from this photoshoot ranging from several brands including Paradise Youth Club, KZL, Vaya Con Dios, and Steeze LTD.

Nine Collective: Collecting Local Streetwear
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