We love Indonesia at its finest and we want to spread our love to you,” is how Noesa Satu introduces themselves. Their love for the country is shown on how they try to collect ideas, research and document the culture of Indonesia, which is furthermore applied to the collection of their products – well-designed with a fine craftsmanship showing every bit of art and a touch of ancestral tradition embedded to it.

One of their collections that might attract you is the camera strap they call “SANGKUT”. Unlike any other straps that usually offer monochrome hues and common designs, Sangkut is made to portray Indonesian culture as shown in the patterns and colors; a combination of blue, red, green and not to forget the patterns that represent a lot of Indonesia in one strap.

For those of you who love our country just as much as Noesa does, you might want to own Sangkut and explore the beauty of Indonesia with it. Do visit their Instagram account or website for further information.

Noesa Satu Explores the Beauty of Indonesia with SANGKUT Camera Straps
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