Us And Kind of Life, or better known as UNKL347, is a well-known pioneer among other clothing lines based in Bandung. It was first established in 1996 before it developed into something much bigger, expanding their business not only in the fashion industry, but even to skateboard, surfboard, up to interiors. U&KL Interior, as what they refer their furniture line to, is what we think deserve more spotlight.

Through the furniture that they are offering, U&KL brings up the unique and creative concept they have had since the beginning, resulting in a variety of comfortable and convenient home interiors. The Banana Pillow, for instance, is one of the most favorite product that reaches the customers’ interest. Its unique shape and soothing material have mostly represent what U&KL wants to show through their furniture. That aside, other furniture products such like chairs, study desks, blankets, up to drawers and towels are available in Us And Kind of Life.

Get to know more about their furniture collection by visiting their Instagram, because don’t we all need sophisticated stuff to enhance the ambiance in our houses?

UNKL347 Presents Sophisticated House Furniture
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